Friday, November 9, 2012

A Prayer

Lord, please be with our President. Give him wisdom and courage to do what is right, to defend the helpless and protect the vulnerable. Help me, Lord, to remember that he too is a man who needs you as desperately as I do; that he is the head of a household, a father and a husband. Teach me, Lord, how to show him the respect and honor due him in the authority you have granted him. Teach me, Lord, to honor and obey my government even as Peter respected and obeyed Nero and Rome. May I be thankful that on this day, I still can worship you in freedom without fear of death or persecution. May I use every opportunity available to me to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Show us all mercy, Lord, that we may lead peaceful lives; reveal yourself to our nation's leaders that they may know the way in which they should walk. Amen.

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