Monday, October 1, 2012

Worthy to Suffer

Worthy to suffer, caught in the flame,

    To walk in the footsteps of the Christ who came,

Not to condemn, but to seek for the lost

    To submit to the Father no matter the cost.


Lord take my desires, my comforts, my pride

    Lay them on the altar with your example beside

Of Jesus who gave up His throne and His praise,

    To suffer among men in long, humble days.

To finish at last with death on a cross

    Ignoble and naked, He counted the cost

And found our God worthy to give all He could give,

    For the joy set before Him so the corpses could live.


Is my life worthy, does the world hate the Light,

    That shines in my actions, or do I blend with the night?

Lord, make me worthy to suffer, to live in Your name,

    To give when I’m hurting, to praise just the same.

Help me love the unlovely, and hate my own sin,

    Forgive the unworthy, let my enemy win.

For the sake of the Gospel, let me heed Heaven’s call,

    Make me worthy to suffer, Lord, I give you my all.


Lord hold me through pain, give me power to forgive

    That by the seed of my own death others might live. Amen.

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