Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gripped By Eternity

It is a beautiful spring day with beautiful clear skies, a light breeze, and just a hint of the cool of night still lingering in the morning air. You hear a knock at the door and go to answer it. You find a nicely dressed young man with a warm smile who speaks with utmost calm: "Hi, my name is Jason Jones. Do you have time to talk?"

You've never met the young man, but he seems pleasant enough. You invite him inside, offer him refreshments, and settle into a nice conversation about current events and the weather. He slowly warms up to his intended topic and calmly and casually says: "There is a tsunami coming to our city this morning. It is already on its way. A group of us are forming a group to talk about it and what we should do."

You stare at the young man in disbelief as he quietly sips his coffee, the warm smile still present on his features. There is no fear and no urgency in his voice.